One of my life dreams was to work with normal people who can walk, so I can forget that I cannot walk. Everything just grew from there and today by God's grace I am working among normal people who can walk. I drive to office everyday and work in an normal office environment. Mayank calls me 'An Emotional Artist', and Ayesha calls me 'The Magician'. They are all so nice, humble and down to earth, and just being among all of them makes me feel so relief, frankly speaking it feels like Heaven. I hope all my hard work gets paid off, and I hope my career keeps growing, and my designing keeps opening up more and more new doors for me in the future. If you are interested in seeing the wonderful people I work with, please click on the button below.



Below is a photo of my very old Windows PC. This is the computer on which I first started to learn designing. I still have kept it in a corner of the house. Click the below photo to see it in a larger size.

The files I have stored in it are like 13 years old. So that shows since how long I have been designing. I never forget the things that helped me come this far and I am still very emotionally attached to this computer, even though it does not have a strong faster processor like today’s generation requirements! It is still good enough to watch movies and listen to songs and surf the web and learn designing. It has made me what I am today. It has just 2 GB RAM. It has an Intel Core i3 and 1.37 Ghz Processor. I don't even feel like to sell it, even though it is so slow. After a certain period of time I had to stop upgrading it and get an iMac. But still that Old Windows PC saw how I transformed to the designer I am today after working hard for years! So I will always keep it with me!


Below is a short clip from a movie. It shows the vision I had in mind about KD of how I wanted it to be successful, recognized and appreciated all over the world. I hope you like it.

Click to Play (02:38)


I eat, sleep, drink DESIGNING! I even think about designing while driving! My approach to designing and working hard is very different from others. I just love designing and designing loves me! Once I showed all my designs to a guy named Felix and after seeing all my hard work he asked me this question "Kazim, when do you even sleep?". He appreciated all of my designs so much. Thanks Felix for appreciating all my hard work, today when he will see that I have mentioned his name on my website, it will bring a smile on his face. Actually I work very hard like a designing beast!


I hope my designs will manage to inspire special needs and non-special needs people all around the world, so I request you to please forward my website and spread the word. And today you taking out some of your valuable time in visiting this emotional backstory page and my website means a lot to me. So thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. If you are interested in working with me, please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


Apart from having my own strong portfolio website and all, behind it all the emotional goal of me building KD was to win the hearts of people who can walk. Whoever would see KD I just wanted them to say WOW! So I hope my KD has managed to win your heart. Thank you for visting my website and reading all this.


Many people who meet me for the first time hesitate to ask me directly that above question, so today I just wanted to answer that question and share with you about it. I will try to keep it short, when I was just 2 years old, I got effected by polio due to not getting the vaccination. I suppose I was fortunate enough to become fully indepenent though as I grew up. Somehow I managed to come this far in life despite many obstacles in the way. I never thought I will be making this web page about it some day. It took me a lot of emotional strength to make this page. I have made so many designs and I even made this whole website all by myself, but making this emotional backstory page seemed the most difficult one.

Got any project you would like to work with me on?

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